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Monday, July 19, 2010

TV anchor preacher, WFAA 8 baby fever, Clear Channel wants more stations and more

KAVU-TV Victoria, Texas TV anchor preaches at church on weekends
ABC 25 anchor Chase Gallimore steps behind the pulpit of the College Church of Christ, where he serves as the preacher on weekends.

WFAA8's Slater and Gables: tweetin' and bloggin' about their impending deliveries
Baby time with WFAA 8 anchors Shelly Slater and Shon Gables.

Clear Channel asks the FCC to lift limits on station ownership
Owning more than 800 radio stations as it does is not enough.

Another CBS11 meteorologist under the weather
CBS11 meteorologist Jeff Jamison underwent a non-emergency appendectomy.

Checking in with the TV promo people
They are alternately known as promo people, marketing gurus, preditors, promo writer/producers or members of creative services.

Waco radio dial gets new mix with 1 new station, 3 different formats
Waco radio listeners have some new sounds and programming flavors to sample this summer with one new station and three different formats, including Waco’s first hip-hop/urban format, entering the market. (Thanks Will-E) COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here