Wednesday, June 30, 2010

VIDEO: Glenn Beck's radio work in the 1980s

Here is an example of Glenn Beck's radio work before the political bent. This was when he was a zany morning man on FM radio.

Just before moving to Houston's Power 104 KRBE in 1989, Glenn Beck worked at Phoenix Top-40 station KOY-FM, then known as Y-95. His partner in the above video is Tim Hattrick.

One question...where is the chalkboard in this video?

- Mike McGuff talks to Pat Gray of the Glenn Beck Show
- Glenn Beck on his 104.1 KRBE years
- The evolution of Glenn Beck: The Connecticut years

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  1. I think that brat kid of yours is using the chalkboard. So he can get educated so he wont be a dead beat like his loser father.


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