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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Reader insult of the day

Today on my post VIDEO: Glenn Beck's radio work in the 1980s I received this encouraging reader comment after I asked where the chalkboard was in the Beck video (a joke referring to Mr. Beck's prop on his current Fox News show):

I think that brat kid of yours is using the chalkboard. So he can get educated so he wont be a dead beat like his loser father.

Anonymous attacks my child and me. What's next? Will they go after the children's hospital book drive I am organizing?

Well at least it's better than the time a reader told me I was going to "burn in hell" after I posted about someone close to me passing away.



  1. Thanks for the post. I got a good laugh. I am not a Beck fan but it was good to see he was once a working man.

  2. I figured fans and non-fans would get a kick out of this. Old video of big time media people is always funny in my opinion.

  3. Mike your a typical montrose fruit cake. You libs can attack and ditch it out but cant take it. By the way are you employed or still trying to ride in on every ones coat tails. By the way everyone is fair game these days.

  4. Congratulations, it looks like your blog has become the victim of it's first (that I've seen) troll. You've truly made it to the big times...

  5. I guess "anonymous" doesn't have the guts to post his real name.

  6. My name is Jay Lee and so damn what?

  7. Hey Mike you need to ask your President Obama that question.


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