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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

TV live shots - no truck required

The one man band, backpack journalists, VJ craze is getting even bigger in television news. They can shoot, report, edit and now do their own liveshots without a truck:

The latest trend in IP-based newsgathering is taking 3G and new 4G wireless data cards from multiple carriers and bonding them to increase the throughput and quality of service.

Several streaming specialists, including Livestream, Streambox and VBrick, have developed such cellular bonding technology and packaged it with an encoder in a complete portable device. These systems are perfectly suited to the new “backpack journalism” model sweeping station groups like Gannett and Hearst, where one-man-band reporters are sent into the field with a handheld camcorder and laptop to shoot, report and edit stories. READ THE REST
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