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Friday, May 07, 2010

New life in Houston's Tower Theater and La Strada building

Here is an update on a couple of notable Houston buildings that recently lost a business.

Before it was Hollywood Video, it was The Tower Theater. Now the lights have been turned on, but who's home?
- The Tower Theatre Puts No Name in Lights
- Drive-By and Walk-By Reports on the Tower Theatre’s New Headliner

Goodbye La Strada, hello Vallone's Caffe Bello.
- Tony Vallone makes a move on Montrose with new Italian eatery
- Look Out Bello: What Could Possibly Take the Place of La Strada?

- Hollywood Video splits from Tower Theater in Montrose
- La Strada on Westheimer closes

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  1. The problem with the La Strada restaurant was the new building design. You had to walk through the dinning room to get upstairs. The overall 'flow' of the building was horrendous.


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