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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Houston's Lingerie Football League team touches down 2011?

Last October I posted about how Houston was possibly picking up a Lingerie Football League expansion team in 2010. Well 2010 is here and I have not heard anymore about this.

Being that this is the blog "Where you come for news that matters to you," (I paid a consultant on Madison Avenue for that tagline...Madison Avenue in Azle, TX that is.  They gave me a good price.) I contacted the Lingerie Football League and here is the Houston team's status right now.

"We are currently seeking an ownership group in Houston, if we secure, we will announce and hopefully kickoff in Houston in Fall 2011," a representative from LFL Media told the blog.

So come on. Who out there wants to own a Lingerie Football League team? Mattress Mack, Tillman Fertitta or (insert other rich Houstonian who buys big things for the city)?

Uh oh, here comes another Houston sports stadium fight. I would love to see Oliver Luck move to this team and wear a mauve colored jacket on Fox 26 to show support for the future Lingerie Stadium.

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