Wednesday, March 17, 2010

VIDEO: Houston TV anchor falls behind desk

I called KTRK 13's Melanie Lawson to make sure she was alright before I posted this video. Anyone else I would have posted it immediately. She totally made the best of it and only proved once again why she is one of Houston's favorite television anchors.

(Forgot to put this in earlier - big thanks to @chrisatyoursix)

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- MARK GARAY: TV interview going away as we know it?


  1. I think she's just wonderful and probably a good sport too. So glad she wasn't hurt! This is why NOBODY messes with the Don! ;-)

  2. Don Nelson will wear green next year...I guarantee it.

  3. Mike no wonder you dont work no longer at KTRK. YOUR WEAK and thay gor rid of you. What a shame.

  4. Yeah anonymous you are real brave without your real name. I have two Emmys and more AP awards. What do you have? Anonymous blog comments?

    So manly.

  5. Mike you get him. We love you Mike and keep up the great work.

  6. Why is he going after Mike, Mike you do a great job don't worry with the negative comments. I love this blog its where i come to find out all the latest happenings.

  7. Ignore that dummy Mike....they can't even spell! Keep up the good work. Blog on my man!

  8. WOW! First the video, then the McGuff hate!
    I can only say that who ever said KTRK got rid of Mikle has NO idea of what they are talking about.


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