Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Police departments want drones after HPD test

KPRC 2's Stephen Dean reports that the Houston Police Department has been testing unmanned aircrafts and now other police departments want a drone too:

The investigative team from KPRC-TV, owned by Post Newsweek Stations (A Washington Post company), had camera crews hidden in bushes, hidden in cars and neighboring properties, and a news helicopter was hidden nearby to jump into action when police launched a drone test. The Houston Police Department invited law enforcement personnel and other dignitaries from all over Texas but the invitation was marked, "No Media Allowed."

Those dignitaries and police gathered around a launchpad and a large truck with revolving radar in the middle of a farm field about 70 miles northwest of Houston. Then, an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) known as the Scan Eagle from Boeing's subsidiary "Insitu" was launched into the sky.

Police cars had blocked the country driveway with officers manning a checkpoint to carefully verify that those entering were invited. Then, after the launch, when police saw KPRC-TV's cameras emerge and helicopter take flight, officers threatened the news crews by saying a no fly zone was in place, which was false. READ THE REST

@theArquebusier sent me this hilarious clip from NPR about 'unmanned drones.' Let's say it caused me to do some quick revisions.


  1. Mike. Check again. The KPRC story is from 2 years ago. December 2007 if I remember. glad to see the examiner on top of this one.

  2. I was tricked by it at first, but realized Stephen is updating the story by saying that police departments around the nation now want a drone. That is the update. I didn't notice this until it was posted though so I had to go back and revise it.

  3. No new video was shot and there was no local update. In other words, it was lazy reporting for Stephen. Or was it Lazy reporting/blogging for the examiner and others to pick it up?

  4. I think most were tricked by the way it was written. I did not realize until I looked at the YouTube clip. It was already posted on my blog so I did not erase it. If I do erase things...I get a lot of twitter/facebook folks asking why there is a dead link so I left it up revised.

  5. No TV people can ever call anyone lazy. LOL. We can learn from them on how to take it easy.

  6. and well you have learned.


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