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Thursday, December 03, 2009

“Local TV news is already dead"

LocalNewser: Michael Rosenblum on the Death of Local News from Mark Joyella on Vimeo.

The man many TV station employees love to hate, consultant Michael Rosenblum, says in a video that “local TV news is already dead."

By the way, the reason he is hated in television newsrooms is because Rosenblum preaches and trains stations to get rid of the photographers and train reporters to be one man bands (AKA multi-media journalists, VJs).

My dream in the TV business was to help get the industry to the next era. That's why you watched me experiment with blogs, social media, web only content and video at KTRK. I think there is still hope, but no doubt the current model will have to change or it's all over.

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